Great Dane Puppies for sale - harlequins, mantles, Merlequins

Great Dane puppies — Harlequins, Mantles, Blacks, Merles, raised with LOVE!

great dane puppies for sale

Puppy Photo Gallery Maisie & Hamilton ~ 2011

Hamilton Great Dane     Sam and Maisie

HamiltonGreat Dane Puppies for saleSam and Maisie

Pups at 2 weeks    Great Dane Pups for sale - 3 Weeks

Puppies at 3 weeeks

Great Dane Pups for sale     Great Dane Puppies for sale

Maisie says "Goodby" to her pups as they go to their new homes

Maisie with pups at 8 weeks        Maisie and pups on the 4th of July

Maisie and her pups at 8 weeks

                      Maisie and her pups on the 4th of July
Maisie and Sophie
   Maisie and Sophie

Sam's love of Great Danes turned him into a breeder. He strives for beautiful, healthy, intelligent, good tempered Great Danes.
Reach Sam Rose at: 970-259-1128 ~ e-mail Sam